What is the TFA?


The purpose of the Thunderbird Football Association is twofold:

• Keep the history and tradition of UBC Football alive; and
• Champion a vibrant community that supports the UBC Football players while in the program and through a successful transition into life after university.


As a partner organization of the UBC Football Program, our commitment is continuing to build and evolve a vibrant and engaged UBC football community that actively supports a winning program. We foster a sense of family amongst the community and act as the central connection point through which alumni, parents of players, donors and
friends of the program can channel their passion for UBC Football. We provide mentors for players who are transitioning into their careers;
with the goal of providing the knowledge and connections they need to make a smooth, successful transition.


We carry forward the legacy of the program by facilitating lifelong connections for the UBC football community and friends of the program. We ensure that all those who want to contribute to the program can make a meaningful difference. We deliver purposeful events and programs – ensuring that the UBC Football alumni are connected and supported to succeed. We do this via:

• A Networking Forum for Alumni
• The ‘Thunderbird For Life’ Mentorship Program
• Alumni Gatherings & Special Events
• Support at Game Day Events
• Sponsorship Opportunities & Fundraising


History of the TFA


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Board Members

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Digby Leigh Sr TFA lawyer legal

Digby Leigh


Digby R. Leigh is a 30+ year call lawyer whose firm (Digby Leigh & Company) is situated in Edgemont Village, North Vancouver. His practice is focused around helping people in business, a passion he extends to his work with the Young Entrepreneurs Symposium. Digby previously spent a total of 20 years serving as a board member with Canada Basketball and Basketball B.C.  He currently sits on the board of B.C. Book Prizes Association.