The purpose of the Thunderbird Football Alumni is twofold. We endeavor to keep the history and tradition of UBC Football alive and Champion a vibrant community that supports the UBC Football players while in the program and through a successful transition into life after university.


We carry forward the legacy of the program by facilitating lifelong connections for the UBC football community and friends of the program. We ensure that all those who want to contribute to the program can make a meaningful difference. We deliver purposeful events and programs – ensuring that the UBC Football alumni are connected and supported to succeed. We do this via:

  • Revenue Generation: The TFA is committed to providing financial support to the T-Bird Football Program in excess of the funds allocated by the University of British Columbia and T-Bird Athletics. Fundraising activities include the annual Legacy Dinner and the Legacy Golf Tournament. We are constantly looking for new revenue generation opportunities. Please contact us with your ideas.
  • Alumni Social Events: These events are organized for alumni and represent and opportunity to get together and catch-up with old teammates. 
  • Alumni Communication: The TFA works hard to provide opportunities for alumni to reconnect and to keep in touch with the current T-Bird Football team and their progress. Regular in season email updates and this website are two ways in which we do this. 

Board Members


Christopher Mark


Christopher played CB and Safety at UBC from 2010 to 2014. In his own words ” I had a really fun time playing for the T-birds”. Upon graduating, Christopher decided to join the TFA board in 2014 (during which time the sports review was taking place). He wants to have (and has had) a positive impact on gaining more support for the program and connecting with teammates; essentially, improving both the on-field support and post-playing support for alumni.  

Christopher is the founder of Vintality, a vineyard services and technology firm. His specialty is in combining the latest technology with “old school” know how: Data + Terroir. This involves developing completely new tech, flying drones, doing geophysics, and much more. 



Anthony Rasotto


Anthony played LB at UBC from 2007-2011.He has been on board for since 2017, and became VP in 2020.

Anthony is committed bridging the gap between alumni and the football program while promoting program sustainability and success.

He has been a financial planner for 8 years, helping HENRYs (high earners, not rich yet) create strategies to achieve their goals.

Rob Kenney 1

Rob Kenney


Rob played QB from 1999 to 2003. He has been involved with the TFA on and off since it’s inception in 2000. Most recently, Rob rejoined the TFA board as Treasurer to manage the financial aspects of the TFA. Rob is big believer in the need to have outside support to make UBC Football a league leading program. He also sees the benefit that organized football has on a persons life from a young age through to the University level. The doors it opens, connections that are made, and lifelong friends that come of it, are just some of the reasons Rob believes football is more than just a team sport. Today, he continues to live the football life coaching his son’s minor team.

Rob is a Chartered Professional Accountant and currently works as the CFO for a private security company.



Michelle Smid

Board Member

Michelle is connected to the UBC Thunderbird Football Community as her husband, Spencer, was an offensive lineman from 2003 – 2007. She was at every home game cheering him and the team on! Michelle has been on the TFA board since September 2023. Michelle cares deeply about the program and has seen firsthand the lasting effects. The loyalty and comradery are lifelong and she feels strongly that it even impacts their children. After attending events like the golf tournament, it was so fun to reconnect with old friends and meet other UBC Football players. It felt good to reconnect and be part of the magic that is UBC football. I think it is important to have someone who is alumni in a different way. No, I never played the game with the guys, but I was right there as they went into the locker room, waiting for them after their meetings and helping layout the food with the moms in the heritage rooms for post-game mingling. I was part of the action off the field, which holds significant meaning as well. 
Michelle is an educational assistant and is working toward obtaining her teaching certificate. 

Kevin Kraft

Board Member

Kevin is an alumnus playing from 2006 to 2011.

Kevin is a new addition to the board as of May 2024.

He has always wanted to be more involved in the TFA and support the team he played for. He is finally at the point in his life where he can assist the TFA and thus secure funding and support for the team we love.

Kevin is currently a local politician for the Regional District of the Central Okanagan.

Adam Lawrence

Board Member

Adam played for UBC from 2003 – 2007. Adam recently joined the TFA Board, wanting to help grow the program on and off the field as well as the alumni network.

Adam is a commercial broker. 

JL Pic 2

Jordan Leith

Board Member

Jordan played QB and CB for UBC from 1983 through to 1987. Jordan has been involved with the alumni and the TFA Board for a number of years and continues to find inspiration from  the young athletes that he sees and from the students that he teaches. Jordan is committed to supporting the program, as it was a positive experience for him as a student and as an athlete.  

Jordan is an Orthopaedic Surgeon. 


Mark Nykolaichuk

Board Member

Mark played CB for UBC in 85′, 87′, and 88′. Mark recently joined the TFA Board, looking to support the program on the field and continue to grow the alumni network so that it remains strong for many years to come. 

Mark works on the UBC Campus at a Biotech Company.


Danny Smith

Board Member

Danny played QB for UBC from 1974 – 1978. Since graduating, Danny has long been an advocate for UBC Football and it’s alumni community. His support of the program is well documented. In June of 2000, he and Julian Kenney co-founded the TFA. Danny is a past President of the TFA and continues to be involved on the Board as he wants to be on the Alumni Team that is making a significant impact on the Football Program. He has been retired since 2011.

History of the TFA

The TFA was co-founded by Danny Smith and Julian Kenney on June 12, 2000. We would like to thank everyone who has been connected with the TFA during our inspiring journey over the past 24 years. We are sure there will be a lot more to celebrate in the coming years.

Again, thanks to everyone who has contributed throughout the journey over the last number of years.