Thunderbird Football Alumni

The TFA is an organization of dedicated people who care about UBC football and its alumni. We provide a connection point through which alumni, parents, donors and friends of the program can channel their passion. Our purpose is to steward the legacy of UBC football by building a vibrant and engaged community. 

TFA Legacy Golf Classic

Organizing important Alumni social events is one of the primary objectives of the Thunderbird Football Alumni. After a long difficult period of “Social Distancing” we are pleased to be able to have our first Alumni social event, “The TFA Legacy Golf Classic”. The precursor to this event was the Frank Gnup Classic, which ran for over 25 years. It was always the first Thursday in July and was always sold out. Alumni from several decades came together for a day of camaraderie , Golf, Fun, and Fund raising. The Gnup Classic was not only a great Alumni social event, it also raised a lot of money for the Thunderbird Football program.

Several Alumni have asked the TFA to start or restart what was once a Great Thunderbird Football Alumni Tradition and we have responded by organizing the newest Football Alumni Classic, “The TFA LEGACY CLASSIC!”

The focus of “The Legacy Classic” will be to bring Alumni together for a day of Camaraderie, Competition, Reunion, Fun-raising and Fundraising. We intend the TFA Legacy Classic to leave as great a legacy as the Gnup Classic did for over 25 years.

We are now calling on Alumni to step up and register themselves, or preferably a team of 4 in the Legacy Classic.

Also, we are looking for Event Sponsors to help financially in putting on the “TFA Legacy Golf Classic”. We are looking for 1 Presenting Sponsor, 2 Premium Sponsors, 18 hole Sponsors as well as other sponsor .opportunities If you can help with any type of sponsorship for the TFA Legacy Classic, or would like more detailed information, please contact Braydon Hobbs … or Dan Smith @

Let’s all help the Inaugural” TFA Legacy Classic” get off to a great start.

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Regular Programs


    The TFA also runs a Peer Board of Advisors for mid-career alumni. It operates like a mastermind with 6-8 alumni meeting once a month to provide advice and a sounding board for fellow alumni. We’ve received phenomenal feedback and are looking to grow the number of PBoAs running. If you are interested or just want more information contact


    The TFA runs a Mentorship Program for UBC football alumni. We are always looking for both mentors and mentees, if you are interested fill out the form HERE


Events take two forms:

  1. Mastermind events and
  2. Social events

The purpose of Mastermind events is to provide topical insights and expertise that supports the success of our younger alumni as they develop in their careers and life. TFA Social events take place in a casual environment, such as a bar and provide a forum for camaraderie and networking. 

Events are a key platform of our Thunderbird 4 Life (T4L) initiative along with our Mentorship and Peer Board of Advisors (PBoA) programs. 


The Thunderbird 4 Life (T4L) Mentorship Program provides ambitious, young members of our community with access to the experience and expertise of our more established members. Our established members represent a wide range of businesses and professions in Vancouver, across Canada, and globally. 

The Peer Board of Advisors is a small mastermind chaired by an experienced UBC alum. It presents a chance for mid-career alumni to present issues and challenges to fellow alumni as well as an opportunity for accountability. 


The TFA is always looking for new members, contributors and supporters whether you’re a player, alumni, parent, or friend of the program.  We believe our community is a broad one including anyone who has a love for UBC football and its supporters.

We’re a volunteer organisation and our impact on our alumni community is thanks to people who generously give time and money. 

So whether you’re looking to join the TFA, have some ideas for the alumni, questions about what the TFA does or how you can contribute, please reach out.